Organic Living

This is the biggest thing on my list and we found it. Michael is having a fever, but he was nice enough to drive all of us out…I have to say, it’s kind of weird to drive on the opposite side of the road, but it’s not impossible, I felt pretty comfortable in his car. The little family run shop has everything we need, and actually a huge varieties of grains, nuts and seeds, so the babies will have really good now. I bought probably 1o different kinds of grains and nuts, lots of green and gold kiwis, Vitamin C ascorbic powder for Michael, natural laundry detergent, greens, etc. and it totaled 200 NZD, which is a really good price. So tonight I made organic mixed bean soup for Michael with fresh lemon juice plus a bit of raw wheat germ to give him extra vitamin and minerals. He said his body was aching badly so I dug out the Traumeel pill and it seemed to relieve his pain quite well, glad we brought all the medication with us.

So we didn’t get to the Sakura Festival but there’s always next year! Boys are happy running around all day, and as usual, getting into everything they can, they were fascinated with the cardboard box that I used to hold the grocery today, Lin loves to climb on things so he got on top of the box and it gets a bit scary. They are eating really well, probably too well since they poop 2 or 3 times now…I need to make sure that I don’t overfeed them, it’s so easy to do since they love food. For dinner I gave them the same bean soup puree Michael had but without salt, they loved it then I made Thai Chicken curry for myself, they wanted it as well and to our surprised they love curry – what toddler loves spicy food? At the organic shop they also sell banana chips and apple chips, which is a great snack for kids. Thankfully they are still interested in rick cakes, and today I gave them fresh lemon wedges, despite the funny faces they made when they sucked on the lemon, they came back and asked for more!

I also emailed two people I’ve been writing to from the New Zealand Immigration Forum, they are in Palmerston North as well, one is moving away with a new job, one is a vet student at Massey University, they’ve been really helpful in terms of giving us information on Palmy and we are planning on meeting them for coffee at some point. Michael and I met a older couple last night at il Capo at the Summerhill Shopping Center and it was really nice to find people are definitely more trusting and friendly here. They told us about the orchard market where farmers sell their produce on early Sat morning on Albert street, I have to find out where it is…there’s also a Sunday farmer’s market at Coleman Mall so we have to check that out at some point.






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