I am a true full time mom now!

It was a bit scary with the anticipation that caring for Lin and Li by myself would be drawing near. Michael has been home, either working remotely or not working altogether ever since I was six months pregnant, and now he started working yesterday(Sept 19th).  Staying home with my boys was something I always wanted to do, it makes many other things possible – breastfeeding, better food preparation, and just a better bonding in general. The first two years of a child’s life is different than any other stage of childhood. I really believe the best caregivers will be the parents or extended family in those two critical years. They are curious at virtually anything, and are not afraid of putting anything into their mouths, my boys are particularly interested in outlets, wires, electronics, pulling wipes out of the box and they love to get their hands on what I have. They are very dependent, both emotionally and physically, their safety is always a priority, and I feel that I can’t take my eyes off of them (not only for the reason that they are adorable). Staying home with them is a job that’s more challenging yet most rewarding of all the previous jobs I’ve had for sure. We had couple of incidents that happened, one for instance, Lin pulled a lock of hair out of his brother’s head, Li screamed so loud that probably everyone in Wanchai heard it. So no one does a better job than the parents to them in sight at all time.

Yesterday went pretty well, I can’t believe actually it went so well that I wondered why I needed two and half nannies in Shanghai – just kidding –  the boys were so much more work when they were younger and our ayi was the best cook ever! Both Lin and Li napped from 9:45 to 11:15 then 3 to 4 again in the afternoon, they can now play by themselves for a good portion of time if you keep them interested in new things. I set up a feeding schedule and followed through:

7am: breast milk

8am: breakfast – nuts (Brazilian nut, almond, peanut, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts) raw and soaked overnight, blended with apple, kiwi, tangerine, raw wheat germ and green vegetables.

10am: snack (banana chips) and breast milk

12pm: lunch – chicken porridge blended with a hard boiled egg (Lin wasn’t too fond of it)

2pm: snack – rice puff and dry apple

4pm: breast milk

6pm: green vegetable with steamed yam

8pm: breast milk

As a result, they pooped only once yesterday! Despite a great day with the boys, I was a bit frustrated that the laptop monitor wasn’t working, and my cell was a pain to use surfing the net. And it started raining 10 minutes after I dressed the boys and took them out for a walk. Kind of feeling stuck here without a second car but I know all this won’t be a problem after a week or so.

Michael came home and raved about his new company, they get two 15-minute paid break each day and everyone in the company works 37.5 hours a week, you are not expected to work overtime, if you do, you can deduct the hours within a certain time period. Also they have a social gathering every three weeks, the office is going through renovation, he has his own office with a window. And they have a union, Gary would be thrilled to know that. I am glad that he likes his job and I am planning on taking the boys on a walk to the campus. It’s so beautiful there and I am sure the boys would love playing on the grass.


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  1. Michele

    It really was a luxury to have Michael around so much! We weren’t so fortunate over here.

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