Visit to Massey

It was a beautiful day yesterday, still a bit chilly but a great day to take the boys in the pushchair for a walk. I left home around 2pm, and decided to take them to the Massey campus, it was only a less than 10 minute walk to the gate but the university is huge! I walked about another 20 minutes, stopped half way to give the boys some snacks and portion of the road is uphill so it was a good workout. Once I hit Riddet Road, I realize Michael’s company should be just around the corner, so I called him and we took a 15 minute walk before I headed home with the boys. Unfortunately we saw someone running over the last ducklings in a group crossing the street with mummy and daddy ducks, it was sad to see that, I am sure she didn’t see it, and she came out of the car and picked up the dead little guy and left him on the grass, the mum came back and checked on her baby, I am sure she was heart broken.

Here are some pictures on the Massey Campus, a few of them were taken a few days ago when we saw the beautiful cherry blossom.

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