Our First Meet Up with New Friends

Travis responded to one of my posts on a forum while we were in Shanghai, and his subject was “Liked Minds”, he and his wife Teniah moved to Palmerston North over two years ago, via work and applied for residency. I was happy that we are able to connect with this American couple so soon. They picked one of their coffee house Barista on the square, since we told them that the boys won’t last that long for dinner. When they were a bit younger, we took them out all the time and they would behave so well, now that they are able to walk, they are not content in the high chairs any more and always want to get on the floor.

It was great to be able to meet up with some new friends. Travis was in the military and he’s been over there (not sure Iraq or Afghanistan), and he is moving to his new job in Masterton, which is on the other side of the mountain. Teniah is going through the nursing program at Massey and she’s got one semester left. She liked it very much, and the tuition is fairly reasonable. The couple lived in Korea for 2 years and I guess they moved out of the US for the similar reasons we have. They said at first they weren’t sure if they would like Palmerston North since the city somehow has a reputation of the Mississippi of the US, a hole in New Zealand, depressing and all sorts of negative reputation but they liked it in the two years they lived here.  I really wish we had more time, and I would really love to really enjoy my Calamari salad, Chai Latte with soy and dairy-free lemon blueberry pudding! Everything was so good, but the boys were too excited to get on the floor and after 10 minutes, we were chasing them around the restaurant instead of talking. We barely introduced ourselves and they seem like a very nice couple. Funny enough Travis has younger twin brothers, so he knows what the situation is in our house 🙂 After I got home, I got a nice invitation for us to visit their home and they are willing to baby proof the living room, how sweet! I think it’s better if we just hire a babysitter next time so we can enjoy our time with them.


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