Victoria Esplanade Garden and River Walk

I can’t believe I’m home with the boys for a whole week! Having twins at this stage is great because they can actually entertain themselves for periods of time, which leaves me time to cook and write blogs 🙂

They do not like to stay home all day so I try to take them out at least once a day, usually go on a walk for an hour. Here there’s clearly marked paths for pedestrians and cyclists, both of which are separated from the highway traffic so I feel pretty safe using the stroller (or push chair, pram, as Kiwis would like to call the stroller). It is quite enjoyable because the 10 minute walk to the bridge we see grassland that is so green, glad that here there’s no reason to fertilize the land, the soil is so good that the grass has this vibrant green year around. And yesterday the view of the Manawatu River was just stunning! My point-and-shoot camcorder doesn’t really do justice for the view. The other day I took the boys to Victoria Esplanade Garden which is just at the foot of the bridge, surprisingly they’ve got a lot of sequoia (California Redwood) there and the kids had a great time playing in the children’s park.

It is not surprising for someone like me, who grew up in a city with pollution and noise all day long, to truly appreciate the peace, quiet and tranquility of nature. Along the way, we saw black and white birds, narcissus, lilies in the wild, and even the daisy on the grass makes you feel a whole lot better about the day.  It’s simply soothing and calming to walk with the boys in almost like a painting, and maybe the walk outside is really the break for me after all.

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  1. Michele

    It looks absolutely beautiful Cynthia!! And, the boys look delighted!! You are right, two sometimes entertain each other very well. Other times, however …

    We miss you!

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