A fun-filled weekend

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Last weekend was really great, our stress level were both low. We were pretty busy, Saturday we went to the open market at Albert and Main. Really surprised it was so big and people were actually selling Chinese/Asian vegetables, even lemongrass, a lot of the vendors are Chinese so the prices were real cheap. We bought tomatoes and free range eggs and some Chinese vegetables. Then we went to Baby Factory again to place the order for the Mountain Buggy Duo. Mountain Buggy is a Kiwi brand and everyone who owns one raves about it and how tough it is. We love our Combi stroller, it folds up twice so it’s the smallest twin stroller we know and it worked great during our trip however, due to a lot of grass, gravel and muddy terrains in Palmerston North, we really need something that handles the roads and with good suspension. Mountain Buggies are really hard to get, especially the Duo, we had to take the floor model in Wellington otherwise we have to wait till December. We got the sleeping bags, which turned out to be great in the past few days for the boys since the weather was still very cold and windy. Since the storm cover and sun cover are not in stock, we had the Wellington store shipped them as well with the Duo. I can’t wait to use them, it will make my life a lot easier too!

Sunday afternoon we went for a walk in Hokowhitu, beautiful neighborhood and there’s a lagoon with so many different ducks and geese. Massey Hokowhitu campus is also there, the view was just breath-taking this time I brought my Nikon, and the pictures definitely came out much closer to the actual scenery. Hokowhitu and Summerhill are both lovely neigborhoods to live in, unfortunately we are on a deadline and there are not many newer homes on the market, especially Hokowhitu, most of the communities are well established with older homes, the new ones are mostly mansions. We love the fact that there’s no HOA here, so almost every house is different, which makes it so interesting to look at. Some of the homes are just impressive.


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