The Long March: Hamilton

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From Auckland, we continued on our journey south. Got up real early to catch the first ferry from Bayswater to CBD, the ferry ride was only about 10 minutes, and the view was so beautiful. We booked the scenic train Overlander to get to our next stop Hamilton. It was only a short one and a half hour ride. Boys really enjoyed the view, it was not long before we saw the cows and the nature. I fed Lin and napped most of the time while Michael watched Li, who was eager to get on the floor and walking around. The conductor was really helpful, not only he helped us with the luggage, but he got a taxi for us as well. Since we only had about 20 minutes from the Tranz Scenic station to the Transport Center, the train also got in about 15 minutes earlier. We didn’t get to see Hamilton much until after we returned from Rotorua, there’s a garden we wanted to take the boys to but the bus schedule just didn’t work out.

Naked bus has really cheap fare, the ride was very comfortable also, boys napped again on the bus, Michael and I were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. We saw so many cows and sheep…the grass looked so green it’s amazing. Instead we ended up playing with the kids at Lollipop Playland after we got back from Rotorua.


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