The Long March: Rotorua

Rotorua was beautiful, it is one of the three major tourist towns in New Zealand. Our stop in town was to pick up the All Blacks booties for the boys. We stayed at Novotel right by the lake, and used a company called Geyser Links shuttle to go to Wai-o-tapu Wonderland. The driver Peter only had us that day and we had a really fun conversation, I think people you meet along the way makes the best part of traveling and we learned quite a bit about New Zealand from him.  Michael loved the site, I visited already in 2008 and even though it’s not as colorful as the geysers and the thermal pools in Yellowstone, the view was much better. It also doesn’t look like we are on earth, with the 100 degrees (boiling point) steam coming around us.

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Unfortunately Li now caught up withe stomach flu while Lin just started eating some apples. Then Michael thew up in the middle of the night and had a fever as well. Luckily we did get to go out to the Indian restaurant the night before and enjoyed some quiet time while the hotel arranged babysitting service for us. The second evening we went into the 100% natural thermal pool on site and that was really lovely even though it’s not as nice as Tabacon in Arenal, Costa Rica. The room was quite spacious with actually two queen size beds and one twin size bed. Later on in Hamilton we went with ibis and got two connecting rooms which worked out okay as well. The second day we stayed in and didn’t go on the boat cruise but I am glad by the time we left Rotorua everyone was in better condition.

We loved Rotorua, it’s not like a typical tourist town, it’s neat and classy, we were also happy finding the nice little Chinese restaurant in town, the owners are Shanghainese and the wife was so kind to make some chicken porridge for Michael while he was sick. Although just like La Fortuna, Rotorua sits on one of the most active volcanoes in the world and the smell of sulfur is everywhere.  I am just thankful that my Chinese immunity has kept me from being sick for quite a long time otherwise not sure what we would do. I would definitely love to come back though when the boys are bit older.


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