Lin and Li 15 Months Old!

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Lin and Li are so cute and so much fun now! They love shoes, wheels, lights and buttons, I guess that’s typical toddler boys 🙂 They are so much more responsive and I noticed in the past month so much progress they have made. They physical strength, learning abilities and language skills all have improved greatly.

They do walk kind of funny, but it’s getting better, around age of 2, this is still normal but we need to find a pediatrician here, especially all the medical expenses including prescriptions are completely free for kids under 6 years of age. I also started looking for a naturopathic/homeopathic doctor in the area. Palmerston North is surprisingly a great place to raise a family and we are lucky to be here at the right time. We took them to Bunning’s, a great home improvement store, it’s huge, so I was able to get the seeding mix to start planting. I can’t believe we spent 2 hours there, they open everyday from 8:30 to late, so we were happy to find out there’s a nice cafe inside, and they have the traditional Kiwi snack – hot pie, Michael and I got some sausage rolls and meat pie and our favorite Chai Latte with soy. They also have an indoor playground for the kids. Lin and Li had a great time there, and we observed how they studied, watched other kids and figured out crossing a small gate, then a larger gate then walked up a slide!

I speak Chinese to them as much as I can, to be fluent in Chinese is something both Michael and I really want for Lin and Li. Since we do plan on homeschooling them, it will be easier for them to speak Chinese till they are older than going to English-speaking environment. I asked the lady if we sound funny, she laughed and said yes. How interesting it is that everything is in perspective! No one has commented that they would think I grew up here like I always got in the US. Apparently I have to pick up the Kiwi accent now:)

A few days ago, I got up and Lin was pointing at something outside the window then he said “鸭子”, I opened the curtain it was a duck, I couldn’t believe it, he’s talking! Yesterday they also responded to the signing, and now if I say “鼻子”, which is nose, they point at their noses and laugh, so adorable. These are the precious moments that make all the hard work in the world least to be mentioned. It is indeed a new beginning.

As boys, they also scream a lot to get attention, and see what they can get and get away with, that’s something I also noticed in the past month. They sometimes drive each other nuts, chasing, pulling hair, pushing each other (that happens during feeding I think it will be better when we have our high chairs back) and crying.  They throw their bodies on the floor when they don’t get what they want and see how I reacted, kids are smart and I always have to remind myself that these are individuals who got everything in control and I can’t just give them orders, instead I need to help them and guide them through their daily exploration, whatever it is. They also love everything new, it’s so funny that they are like little scanners, picking up something new, staring at them, flipping it around, tasting it and throwing it away, it’s almost like a built-in program in their brain for learning, amazing.

I thought the set of pictures we took this morning was pretty funny.


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  1. Nora Tu

    That’s amazing that they can recognize things and speak/understand Chinese! But I’ve always known they were smart boys 🙂

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