15 months old are so much fun

This month has been really fun! Boys all of a sudden are picking up so many new skills. Lin spent a lot of time trying to take off his socks today, and he was really happy to do that with my help. They love books! I borrowed about 10 books for them from the library this week, the ones with the cardboard pages, and they would grab the books and hand them to me so I can read to them. That is the first thing they do in the morning as soon as they wake up, during the day, they can sit down and read for quite a while, 15 to 20 minutes sometimes I am not used to that quietness but it’s great.

My patio is now officially the feeding ground for the ducks, we spotted 7 newborns yesterday. The ducklings we’ve been feeding are so grown already, the biggest one is actually chasing a male duck today. Every morning they come to our door sometimes knocking on the window with their beaks, this morning there were about twenty of them! My big bag of oatmeal I bought at Countdown the other day seems like it’s not going to last much longer. We also got bird food which attracts about 10 squirrels and other birds, so it’s quite busy throughout the day that we have visitors often but the boys absolutely love them, they also know the words birds and ducks really well in Chinese.

At this age, the boys really start to understand the world around them, it is evident that they get scared when the big guy on a lawn mower comes through, they get all excited when they see the playground, they come to me with their water bottles when they are thirsty, and they frown and cry when I discipline them.

Li is a BIG eater, he puts everything into his mouth without hesitation whilst Lin is more particular about his food, he would spit it out and study the food, taste it then take another spoonful. They love chicken and are more keen on carbs and fruits than plain food since I introduced salt to their diet. I have to come up with creative ways to get the vegetables in, blending it with sweet potatoes, mixing it with chicken, but I still feed them a lot of raw food such as avocado, which they absolutely love. Throughout the day I give them apple slices, carrots, even onions, and they LOVE lemon wedges they can suck on those for a long time and make funny faces. The funniest thing about feeding is that since we don’t have our high chairs yet, I would sit in the couch and they would both be spending, Li would put both of his hands on my knees so he can block Lin from getting the spoon, he also pushes Lin away but Lin does his things to his brother as well. Li also drinks water like crazy, and play with it too. But they both have really good appetite and I can tell they will love food when they are older.

I feel so fortunate to be able to stay home with them, even though at times I wish I could go to work since it would have been easier. They keep me so busy it’s incredible. Since they know what they want, now they fight over the same book, same toy and push each other. There’s a lot of work as a referee already but it’s so much fun looking after them. My day usually starts with two very happy boys waking up and discovering the world as if everything is new to them, then feeding, then making lunch and the walk to Massey to meet up with Michael, I love making lunch for him, he’s happy that he gets the gourmet organic healthy food rather than the cafeteria sandwich (today I made mixed green salad with avocado/poached egg/lemon zest, and teriyaki chicken, grilled asparagus/cabbage/cauliflower/onion over sweet brown rice). Once we move this weekend I won’t be able to walk there so I will send him the lunch probably in the thermos bottle. With the boys I take them out for a walk to the Square, they usually nap during the 40 minute walk and I can take care of some businesses, get a chai latte and meet up with Michael after he’s done with work. We then either go somewhere where the boys can play or go try out a new restaurants. After returning home, usually between 7 to 8, Michael gives them their bath which the boys always coming out all excited and happy, play some more and I put them on the breasts and send them to their dreamland.

Boys used to be able to sleep through the night but the traveling and one room situation really messed that up. Now I co-sleep with them and offer my breast when one of them wakes up at night to keep the other one quiet of course they’ve developed the habit of wanting milk as soon as they wake up at night, it’s not the best way to put them to sleep even though it is fuss free but its the only thing we can do right now. Same with the potty training, they were very well trained but the trip back to the US messed it up as well. Starting from next week we will have to start working on training them to soothe themselves in their own rooms and using the potty again. It will be a whole different routine than what we have now but I am really looking forward to it.


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