16 months old: speaking the language of screaming

I can’t believe the boys are 16 months old already. The week we moved in they started screaming, I know every parent is going to say their kids are loud but ours are LOUD. It’s really annoying when the scream, because I feel that I am going to be deaf, especially when they scream right in front you, a few times we thought the alarm went off, for real, it’s that loud. They really get on Michael’s nerve, he gets really upset. I on the other hand, am a bit better but a few times I had to use the ear plugs, and I could still hear them loud and clear, it’s crazy. The screaming stage is not fun, not to mention we have the stereo effect like Donna said.

They are really cute otherwise, I had to co-sleep with them but last week we didn’t think it was a good idea to continue to sleep with them all night and offered the breast whenever they woke up. So we tried to let them cry for a while one night, surprisingly it only lasted a few minutes, and they slept through the night no problem. I am so glad that now Michael and I can have good night sleep, and watch movies after they go to bed. Boys definitely cried and fussed more when I am with them, a few times, as soon as I leave the room, they stopped crying and went to bed.  So I feed them and leave their room at 9pm, they almost always wake up at 6am. During the day, they nap from 9 to 11:30am, then around 4 or 5 they take another nap. I am pretty happy that we have a good routine now again and we didn’t have to go through the sleep training, that always seemed terrifying to me. I think they are old enough to know that at night I won’t be going in to soothe them.

They love to hit things now, and throw things. They know really well what they are supposed to do and not to do. They test us constantly and see what they can get away with. One thing they do often is to raise their hands in the air as if they were going to throw things at you or hit you but they don’t and see how we react.

Even though both Michael and I thought it would have been a lot easier if we had the boys one after another, there are some benefits of having twins, one of them is they really entertain each other a lot so I can do all the cooking, cleaning, organizing around the house. I love cooking and spend a lot of time doing it, almost all the food they eat are either from the organic shops or home-made. I am really happy that I am home with the boys, I haven’t felt stuck yet. Greta will be able to come back next week to watch the boys so I can start practicing driving on the opposite side with Michael and we could have some lone time as well. Another cool thing is twins learn from each other, they mimic what adults do but more from each other, it’s really fun to watch. I also love having one fetch a book or a sock for me and the other end up doing it instead. They now understand a lot command in Chinese and I feel much better since I can communicate with them a lot more than before through gesture, words and unfortunately their screams sometimes.

Now with our TV back, we watch Lazytown together with the boys, I think Michael is just as entertained as the boys. Both Lin and Li respond to music very well, they know their songs and dance to their favorite ones, for now it’s definitely the theme song in Lazytown.

Well for others, twins are absolutely adorable and there’s nothing bad about having twins 🙂 These guys are 12.5kg now and I can’t hold them at the same time, Michael still does it, and here’s the slideshow of the boys in the new house.

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