One of my favorite things is COOKING

Finally I have a big enough kitchen to work with, this is one of the best features of the house even though it’s not a gas stove, for the most part it is very nice. I can bake banana bread, have enough counter space to make pasta, and cook a few things at a time. It’s been really fun to cook and watch the boys in the same time since the kitchen, dining room and living room is one big area. Boys occasionally throw some books and toys over the safety gate and let me know they need attention, the house is really child-friendly. Michael put the padding together it’s really nice and it protects the carpet. We also have the lounge where we sit on our huge sofa and couch, that’s our room after the boys go to bed.

Here is the home-made big brekkie. Big breakfast is a popular item in a lot of cafe here, the are pricey usually between $18 to $20 a plate at the restaurant, and in much bigger proportion, steak, ham, sausages, plus poached eggs on toast, with creamed mushroom. We sometimes can’t finish one order between two of us. Well I made a healthier and smaller version of the not-so-big brekkie, portabella smothered with avocado/nuts/kumara blend, topped with grilled onion, green onion and asparagus, poached eggs on bread, sausage and gold kiwi (which is very cheap in New Zealand), apple, banana and peanut butter, pure organic and goodness. Babies got the blend for their little brekkie.

An easy quick lunch udon noodles in miso soup.

The new pasta maker is excellent, so much easier to work with. To get the al dente consistency, I used wheat flour and added in quinoa flour and chickpea just to reduce the carbs a bit. The noodles were a lot more chewy than the commercial ones and we loved it.




















And my first sushi rolls, with 2 varieties, vegetables and veggie with teriyaki chicken!

Boys lunch, Chinese Laba porridge (eight grains and nuts) with raw greens and banana.

And boys’ snack, one egg and avocado a day.

Lastly, the first dinner I made moving into the house, vegetable stew.



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