The big move, and hopefully we don’t have to do it again anytime soon

Well we are moved in…after searching for the right house and staying in two studios for 6 weeks, it was not difficult at all to decide where we should be renting. Summerhill was the final pick, close to Massey, house is only 3-yr old, a lot of space on one floor and a stunning view of the mountain range and the wind farm.

The move itself was a difficult one though, our container arrived on Oct 7th and NZ Van Lines, partner of Santa Fe was very poor at communicating with us with the status of our shipment and setting up a delivery, as a matter of fact, we were told, when it will be delivered and there’s no way around anything we wanted, it has to be their way. It’s unbelievable with such arrogant attitude, they stay in business as the largest moving service company in NZ.  It turns out that we are not the “everyone” they deal with, after verifying with the MAF we found out that the reason the shipping company delayed our delivery was totally not valid. After we confronted them, they said they were fully booked so we had to wait! The customs clearance only took less than a week and they wanted us to wait till Oct 26th to have our container. To make a long story short, we wrote some emails directly to Santa Fe and our container arrived on Oct 21st as we requested. The previous tenant was just leaving the property while our container arrived, the carpet cleaners were still in the house. Thankfully we have a really good agent and I am so glad that we had the long weekend to unpack rather than waiting till the middle of the week. In the end, everything worked out.

The amount of work was overwhelming, it took me two full weeks to wash all of our clothes before putting them away. The house is huge, with 4 bedrooms and plenty of storage space, I have no idea how we were able to actually store our belongs in our 2 bedroom apartment in Shanghai. Boys did great also, I took a walk with them in the stroller while the movers were unpacking everything and they napped for another extra hour in the garage so I was able to do quite a bit with Michael and the movers. Here is a slideshow of the pictures of the moving days.

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