Our First Party in Palmy

After three weeks of unpacking, cleaning and organizing, we finally feel that we can take a break even though there’s still a lot to do. Micheal’s coworker Alex and his wife Bittina invited us over to their house warming party. They are both German and lived in New Zealand for about two years, three months ago they moved to a house in Hokowhitu, and we were really surprised to meet so many people at their house and at least 30 kids.

The house is older but lovely, has a nice space for kids to play around. There’s also a playroom so Michael and I can have the boys there to play and talk to other parents in the same time. I made sushi and rolls, also wrap with home-made hummus, Michael made his favorite party Italian chilled salad, a recipe from Sharon, he did it Friday night. All with pure organic goodness.

We had a blast at the party, the potluck food was great, I especially liked the Pandon coconut cake made by an Indonesian lady. A Korean lady told me that what I made was Korean style sushi and she liked it. I was really surprised I guess the filling this time I used strips of fried egg and ham, which made it Korean. This was the second attempt I made and I watched some videos online and learned to mix the mirin, vinegar with the rice when the rice is still hot, also I learned using the cling wrap between the bamboo mat and seaweed, the results were amazing. Lin and Li tried the sushi for the second time, and instead of playing with it like they did last time, they ate two of them and I take that as a great compliment. We are really surprised how many Europeans we have met so far, especially German. There aren’t as many Americans around but we did meet two or three working in the restaurants in Palmy and two couples from Landcare, at the party, interestingly the couples we met are from Maryland, one has lived in Palmy for 8 years already.  I feel very comfortable there , a lot of them are scientists and due to nature of their profession they travel around the world, and many of them are immigrants, actually I don’t remember meeting any Kiwi at the party now I think about it. It’s really fun to talk to them because they are like minded in environmental issues and always have really interesting stories to share.

The boys were so excited seeing a room full of new toys, they skipped their afternoon nap and played almost all the time we were there, they also played with older kids. Li’s favorite toy was a baby doll, and a toy iron, I guess he will be a good homemaker when he grows up, lol…Lin loves the iron as well but it’s kind of scary watching they fighting for it even though I knew it’s just a toy.

While we were leaving the party, I picked up the sushi tray, all the food was gone but there was still wasabi left on the plate, before I knew, Li took the wasabi I wrapped in a small piece of seaweed and stuck right into his mouth, he was in my carrier at the time, and I immediately used my finger and hooked out the wasabi, nevertheless his face turned completely red in seconds and he was in pain! All the people there were so surprised and someone grabbed a piece of bread and we gave it to him right away, everyone was surprised that he didn’t cry at all, and he was fine after he ate some bread!

I can’t believe how much Li loves to eat, he will eat anything, unlike his brother, who investigates and studies everything, taking his time then eating. Sometimes in order to get more food, Li would stuff his mouth like a chipmunk so he can get more. And apparently he doesn’t mind spicy food at all, he’s had curry, and very spicy Chinese pork slices I made, I am very impressed by his tolerance of spice.

Here is the slideshow, my poached egg Saturday morning was like the packman so I packed that picture in it as well 🙂

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