17 months old

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I have been trying to find time to write the posts but we have been so busy lately…Boys turned 17 months old a week ago, they continue to thrive but sometimes I do get impatient, when are they going to talk? when are they going to communicate their wants to us? Apparently they do understand what we are saying, and they now really start pushing their limits, banging their toys on the windows then turning around and see how we react. The other day, Lin did just that, I counted to three and before I could reach him, he put the toy in Li’s hand and acted like he had no idea why I was going after him.

They do funny things, they love running around naked and they do get into fights with each other. Lin likes to bite Li, and pulls his hair, Li doesn’t bite but he does pull hair out of Lin. So we really need to shave their heads, I really don’t know what to do to stop the biting other than firmly telling Lin that he can hurt his brother very bad. Li now has three sets of teeth mark on his upper, middle and lower arm. They also love grinding their teeth, the sound is so awful but everyone says we should not make a big deal of it, I just hope that they grow out of it soon! They also love playing with Michael before they go to bed, which is not necessarily fun for him since the boys think it’s hilarious to sit on him and beat him up – pounding his chest, poking his eyes and hitting his face.

They are still breastfed four to five times a day and for a few days they napped for 2.5 hours around lunch time, it was actually easier for me having them nap once a day during those hours but then they went back to their 1.5 to 2 hours of morning nap starting at 9:30pm. At night they are pretty on time going to sleep around 9pm and waking up usually between 6:30 to 7am.

With Christmas holiday it’s actually really nice here, we went to the parade last Saturday and saw some fun costume, also we met Michael’s boss David and his wife, Lisa (from SuperGrans) and her family, his coworker Alex and his family. It’s a town that you will almost meet someone you know for sure when you go to an event like that. Landcare also has the family function at Ferberg Comunity Pool, and not surprisingly we ran into Trace and her kids there. Yesterday Michael had the staff outing playing grass bowling (got his ass kicked since he’d never played before), crochet and pingpong. He forgot his hat so after being exposed in the sun from 11:30am to 5pm, he came home with his face and neck being really red.

We are not big on holidays at all, but Christmas here really feels more like a vacation, the weather is lovely and we get two weeks off. I was able to finish planting everything in the garden beds and the sidewalk gardens this week so that feels good, bok choy and peas are coming out already. Other than our neighbor’s cat likes to visit and leave her waste behind, it’s pretty much low maintenance with the garden from now on.

We also had some of Michael’s coworkers coming over, Alex and Bettina’s girls are 15 months old and 5 years old so it was really nice to have the kids play together, I made noodles from scratch and cooked Chinese noodles they all loved it. Our neighbor Mary also visits me often, it was great to have people over since the boys love meeting new people. Our babysitter Greta finally recovered from her surgery from appendicitis. She brought boys toys all the time, and she’s really good with them. Last night we were able to visit the only Mexican restaurant in town called El Gusto, and it was so authentic, definitely the best Mexican I’ve had outside Mexico, even better that in Texas.

Here is a video of boys playing withe iRobot.


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  1. Michele

    Cynthia, Try giving them a toothbrush as a toy. This may solve their need to bite. But, you are right, they are at the testing limits phase and they need to be reprimanded. If I caught one of my boys committing what I call “non acceptable behavior” before they could communicate, I gently led them to a confined area, our bathroom, and closed them in there for about a minute. When I took them out, I explained to them why they were in there. This worked and later I only used to have to say “bathroom” and the “non acceptable behavior” quickly came to a halt. Now that they are older, I have to use different methods of punishment. Dominic gets “time outs” and Maxim gets to make decisions about his behavior since that is what life is all about. Good luck, it’s not a job for the faint hearted;)

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