The Ultimate Frying Pan

There has never seemed to be a perfect frying pan until last week we spotted the Woll at the Plaza. Funny enough, Michael and I were so concerned about our cookware especially the all-in-one rice cooker, the coating seems to peel off and Michael refused to eat anything coming out of it after he discovered the problem. Polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE, or commonly known as Teflon, exists in almost all the non-stick cookware (and other applications outside the kitchen), Du Pont even admitted that toxic gas will be emitted at a high temperature, something like 350 to 400 degrees. It won’t happen during cooking but if you forget the leave the empty pan on the stove, it only takes a few minutes to get to that point. I searched on Tefal website, there’s no mentioning of teflon other than a statement saying that “all the non-stick cookware has PTFE”. Well, it is not true. Woll is an example of the alternative.

The Woll non-stick feature is achieved by adding titanium or diamond in the pot, crafted at 2000C degrees so it is scratch proof as well, you can use a metal spatula, a pizza wheel to cut up the frittata (that’s what I am planning on doing). Woll made a removable handle so the sauce pan can be turned into an oven safe cookware.

I tried it out making two pizza last night, and I really think I can get away with getting a pizza stone. Since the last and only pizza I made was ten years ago, I searched some good youtube video and online recipes, it was quite fun. Steve’s Bulk Barn also had all the ingredients I need such as semolina, bread flour, free range chicken, etc. For the tomato sauce, I also made it from scratch using a whole bag of tomatoes and a jar of organic tomato paste and basil leaves from my window sill. The color was so bright, it was really tasty as well.

I used bread flour, particularly Italian Grano Tenero Tipo “00”, to make the dough, and our mixer makes the kneading the dough so much easier, also using the semolina to coat the dough when shaping the pizza does make the crust crispier.






It is really hard to make dairy-free pizza not only because of the flavor, cheese also keep all the toppings together but we were quite happy with the results especially the kale/onion/chicken topping. I marinated the chicken in the Italian dressing to give it some flavor it also made the pizza moist.








The other pizza had vegetable toppings such as green pepper, onion, olives, then pepperoni, I did leave it in the oven a bit longer so next time I have to remember to watch closely since we don’t have cheese in there to take it out by observing the cheese bubbling up.






We were pretty excited to eat our home-made creation, so we invited Michael’s coworker Stephen to come and share our pizza with us. I made the salmon sushi rolls, Stephen brought over some wine which was lovely even though it was just a few sips, I almost forgot how much I enjoyed the wine before pregnancy.


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  1. Michele

    I definitely want to stop in for dinner, hungry now!!

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