Training boys to eat vegetables

It’s been a big challenge to have Lin and Li eat vegetables. However, I found with some efforts it still can be done, this is what seems to be working for me.

– I eat with them from the same plate.  Let them feed me, they definitely are more interested in the food if they think it is going away fast from the plate.

– I offer them vegetables when they are hungry as the first food of the meal. Usually it takes a few try before they will open their mouth for the greens.

– Lin actually loves the garlic, surprising! So I need to try out different things. They prefer Bok Choy and spinach rather than kale. Also they don’t like to chew too much so tender leaves are the best.

It is indeed very rewarding seeing them eating vegetables. Then I gave them some Chinese buns, and no worry there that they will throw it around, same as noodles. They tend to like chicken  as well, and are smart enough to eat the chicken and spit out the kale.

Ignore the chipmunk in the video, my Samsung camcorder has been acting weird lately, not sure if the compressed audio file can be fixed or not.


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