First Getaway from Home – Waikawa Beach

Our neighbor Mary and Russ invited us over to their rental beach house over the weekend. Waikawa Beach is only about 50 minutes drive from home, Michael and I enjoyed the scenery – lots of sheep and cows, green fields and mountains. The rental house definitely has a lot of characteristics, boys loved playing in the field and seeing the sheep, horses, chicken and fruit tress. I loved the pizza Serena made – Hawaiian, Sweet and seafood, they were really really good . Mary’s kids are half Chinese and we were really happy to meet three of them. Serena’s friend Dannie who is Chinese has her three children with her, the youngest one Sophia is 18 months old, only a few days older than our boys. The other two actually speak Chinese!  So we had 8 half Chinese at the house…After the visit we took a short drive to Waikawa  Beach, we were really surprised to the sand bank, it’s much much bigger than North Carolina, there’re only a few people on the beach, we were completely alone at the sand bank, which is pretty crazy, feeling like in a movie set. Michael and I walked down the beach and talked to a family who’s taking their kids sand surfing, that looked so much fun! The grandmother immigrated 47 years ago from the UK. It is indeed a lovely walk and we have to go back during the holidays, it’s close enough to Wellington so we might cover that as well.

Here is the slideshow, lots of pictures and good memories for our first getaway. Boys did great, they felt asleep right away since their nap time now is still around 9:30 to 10am and they napped the whole time we were on the beach but they were good in the car for the trip back home, it’s nice that we didn’t have to drive too far away from home to get to the beach.

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