Happy New Year of 2012

Happy new year everyone, it’s weird that we are in 2012 but most of our friends on the east coast of USA are still in 2011! This post marks the 275th milestone of my blog, according to WordPress 🙂 We had a great start of 2012, boys slept from 8:30 last night till 9am! I am just happy that all my three boys are happy and well 🙂 Boys woke up happy and enjoyed playing with daddy and did some reading!

We wish our family and friends all over the world a healthier, happier throughout year of 2012!

Well, my new year resolution will be to eat even healthier, I learned a great deal from taking care of all three feverish boys in the last two weeks. Everyday, they ate super foods, one of them is the super smoothies: Water, raw greens (from my garden, organic and freshest they can be), Açai berries (snap frozen from Brazil), spirulina, kiwi fruit, blueberries, banana and flaxseed oil. I tried a few things before but until I added in the banana the boys really started loving it. I will gradually add in goji and soaked nuts.

I didn’t really intend to make a special dinner for the New Year, just happened I need to cook some seafood since they are only good for a few days, ended up making the seafood stew – mussels, clams, salmon and white fish, all caught in the New Zealand waters.  Glad Michael loved it!

Today I made the salad again and added in pasta in the leftover stew, they were still yummy!

I recently found out about CSA Wellington Co-op and it’s a great source to get fresh organic vegetables and fruits from the local eco farm, they also have things I have never tried before, so it’s great to change up a bit. This was the first super salad I made – out of 13 ingredients, only 4 were cooked (onion, mushroom, fingerling potato, and an unknown fruit-like vegetable). Rest of the ingredients were rockets, green onion, cherries, tomato, banana, avocado, carrots, bok choy and mesculin mix.

I am enjoying so much of my garden, and we can just cut whatever we need for the day, just before serving dinner, the spices are coming along, only two tiny dill for example, gives you the full aroma probably equivalent to a teaspoon full of dried dill. Its really amazing, a real pleasure for our taste buds and our mind. The co-op also gave us the kohlrabi, I’ve never had it before but it’s super delicious stir-fried with the bok choy.


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