Our “Fun”-Filled Holidays

Michael has been off work from the 23rd and the office reopens from Jan 7th.  Its the New Year and we were the first country entering the New Year, how exciting! Well, our 2-week long public holidays didn’t go so well, Lin and Li had dangerously high fever just before Christmas and Michael’s fever started 3 days ago just went down today, he’s still recovering probably needs another few days to get well. Thankfully we didn’t have any plans for the holidays, the travel we did in 2011 really wore us out and we enjoyed the quiet time being home.

Lin and Li started having a fever the day after we returned from Waikawa Beach, it wasn’t very high but on Day 2, they definitely slowed down quite a bit, Michael was really busy at work so he didn’t take the sick day. By 2 in the afternoon, I already gave them a cool bath which seemed to lower their temperature temporarily. By 3,  Michael finally could get home, I was feeding Lin, who had a higher fever than Li and it was then I noticed Li was resting his head on the pillow but wasn’t responding to me, I picked him up and his eyes were open but still not responding. I immediately called  111 and stayed on the phone with the operator until the ambulance arrived, in the meantime, I laid him on the floor in the recovery position, and placed a cool towel on his forehead, and he was still kind of going in and out of the state. It was indeed pretty scary, however, by the time the EMT arrived, boys were both fine. Lin’s temperature measured 39.3C/102.7F and Li’s was 38.9C/102F. I called Michael right after I disconnected with the 111 operator and asked him to meet me at the hospital. In the ambulance they gave both boys Panadol (different trade name for Tylenol) and that was all they got for the rest of the day.

Once we arrived, Michael was already there, immediately the boys drew the attention of the doctors and nurses, everyone came up and looked at them and said how cute they were! They took down their names and information and we spent about 2 hours in total in the ER, a doctor came and checked on them, actually asking me whether I am breastfeeding, when I said yes she was really encouraging and said I should continue to do that until the boys don’t want the breast any more, how surprising to hear that from a medical doctor. Since fevers usually are viral infection, she didn’t give Lin and Li anything. The best thing though, is we didn’t even have to check out or pay anything, the only thing is for the parking which was $6 at the hospital and $3 each for the prescriptions at the local pharmacy, boys got two huge bottle of Panadol, probably enough for another 10 fevers.

We gave them about 8 doses of Panadol, even though it temporarily lowered their temperature, Lin and Li were still having 102 plus fever after a few hours of taking Panadol, at one point, I had to call the hospital since I would have exceed 4 doses within 24 hours but Lin was having 103F fever and the nurse said not to give him unless since Panadol could put him in danger. I looked up online, as we know, it can cause liver damage if using too often or too much, and it serves the purpose of pain relief and lowering the temperature by reducing the hormone that rises the body temperature, exactly how it works is still not clear after 100 years of being used as one of the most common pain relief! We had no choice but to put him in a cool bath again until he’s cleared the 24 hour limit. This went on for another 2 days and their temperature continues to spike. On Day 4, I decided I am going to stop using Panadol, instead I used very high dose of ascorbic acid, dissolving it in a small amount of water and use the dropper, they didn’t like it (and they didn’t like Panadol either). That night their temperature didn’t exceed 102, and the following day, after two more doses of Vitamin C, their fevers were gone and they are active again almost immediately.

Now Michael has been having some serious allergic reaction for about a week, its the season now and everyone says it’s particularly bad this year in Palmerston North. Finally just after Christmas, Michael came down with a very high fever, he stayed in bed for about 3 days, I used a lot of ascorbic acid and on the 2nd day, his temperature went up to 103.5F (40C) which was dangerously high for adult, that’s when he broke down for Panadol before bedtime, it did give him a lot of comfort. I used the boys’ liquid form, carefully calculated the equivalent amount for Michael. He sweated a lot and on Day 3, his temperature finally came down but still was between normal and 100F. I am glad on New Years Eve, he was able to eat lunch and dinner and we watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban last night, and the Chamber of Secrets the night before.

I have no idea why I am always the one who ends up perfectly fine and takes care of everyone, maybe it’s the mother instinct that keeps me well? I am happy though they are all fine and happy again. And looking forward to meeting up with our friends before Michael has to go back to work.

Here is a slideshow during the holidays, boys just got over the fever and Michael is on his way getting it  – at Esplanade, home, walks and at Bunnings. Our first holiday was spent in New Zealand quietly, other than hanging out with our neighbour and some friends from work, we were home but it was really nice.

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