The Trike is Here

We love the idea of Wishbone Trike, they are expensive but transform from 3 wheels to 2 then flip the frame it’s a higher bike, so boys will enjoy it until they are 5 years old.

Their first reaction was definitely great but it didn’t last long since there was only one trike and two excited toddlers!

P.S. Lin likes to take off his right sock all the time, so just another trick to tell the boys apart…



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2 responses to “The Trike is Here

  1. michele

    This looks like fun. They use something called “Like a Bike” over here but I don’t think it has the three wheel setting?!

    • It’s called pre-bike here, the brand is wishbone, I believe it’s designed by a Kiwi couple who live in New York City. You can change the three wheels to two, then flip the frame to raise the height, so good till age of 5 until kids can ride a bicycle, pretty smart, isn’t it?Boys love it!

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