Wellington Botanic Garden

Our last day in Wellington was fun-filled with a uphill walk to the Botanic Garden and downhill Cable Car ride, we didn’t think our pram would fit in the cable car but it turned out to be it does. So next time we would travel the opposite way since Wellington resembles San Fran in a way that it’s very hilly, from the same reason, it’s one of the largest faults in the world.

The fact that Lambton Quay where we stayed before the 1855 Wairarapa Earthquake, was the waterfront, is just mind-blowing. The coastline shifted almost 200 meters! What’s more, there’s earthquake everyday but not large enough to be felt. I really would be nervous living there, everyone thought a major earthquake is due in Wellington but it happened first in Christchurch, which was only 12KM beneath therefore so damaging.  Housing prices of course are a lot more expensive, we just love the size of Palmerston North, small enough to have very light traffic but big enough to have all the modern convenience. To put things in perspective, it takes no more than 20 minutes to drive to anywhere in Palmerston North, but to get out of Wellington takes about that much time.

The botanic garden was really beautiful and hilly, boys were getting really fussy though during breakfast actually the worst dining experience ever! We finally ran out of luck having two well-behaved eating machines dining with us at age of almost 20 months 😦 For the first time, we felt embarrassed in public because of them…Luckily plenty of snacks and movies kept them happy on the way back…were really happy that we were home again!


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