Wellington – Chinese New Year Parade and National Museum

Novotel on the Terrace was a great choice, glad that I picked it since they are really friendly with guests with children, they do officially allow 2 children in one room. We brought our Go-Cribs and found out it’s actually easier just to throw the mattress on the floor and co-sleep with them on the second night.

The night before at 9pm, the babysitter arrangement fell through because of the misunderstanding between me and the front desk, real it was the front desk who didn’t understand me about “I would like to arrange for a babysitter TONIGHT”. Somehow by 8:45pm, no one showed up and they said, “Oh we thought it was for tomorrow!”. Anyway, Michael and I realized after we took the boys to watch their first live fireworks we were so stupid of think to hire a stranger to watch them, while they could enjoy the fireworks with us. It was also late enough when it’s all done, that they QUIETLY fell asleep in the pram! We went on and ordered some late night Chinese takeaway and ate it in the lobby while the boys were still sleeping! It turned out to be such a wonderful evening, I can’t imagine if we did get a babysitter, we would be out $60 and Lin and Li would probably scream their heads off waking up finding some strange is by their bed!!!

Anyway, the Chinese New Year parade was Michael’s favorite part of the visit to Wellington, we also went to TSB Bank Arena for the Asian Market, basically lots of restaurants selling Chinese food and all day performances, it was pretty cool, boys were definitely superstars again, some Chinese guy was taking pictures of them like crazy…The only problem was, we realized that meat was in almost everything they offer, even in the spring rolls…thankfully we really enjoyed the tea eggs, buns with bean paste, and stir-fried noodles, but Auckland was much better for a cultural tasting event.

The Parade!

We really enjoyed walking along the waterfront, Wellington is indeed the “coolest little capital”. It’s very easy to walk to the waterfront and hit different areas in the city center. We stopped at the National Museum, it was lovely boys had fun playing on the New Zealand map on the floor, and we found out about what we could do for the next trip, they have kids’ programs all the time it’s really neat. For dinner we walked all the way to Courtenay Place, and ended up eating Thai food, Li was unusually fussy but finally settled down when we put him in the high chair and he ate a ton! Lin, in the same time, slept all his way till dinner was finished.

Worst thing of the day, Michael lost his hat, it got blown right into the water when he looked up, after all, it’s not that bad.


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