20 months old!

Boys turned 20 months old on March 2nd, with a clean diaper, Lin weighed 13.2kg/29.1lbs and Li weighed 13.4kg/29.5lbs (at about 80 ~83% percentile), it wasn’t a surprise that now Li weighs a bit more than Lin because he’s such an eating machine. They are growing at an even faster pace than before…Lin is teething now for another set of molars (I thought he had 20 teeth but yesterday I checked and they were just breaking through the gum) Li had 20 teeth already. Due to the teething they were more fussy than before at night, waking up three to four times, Li just got better but Lin now woke up a lot and needs a lot of soothing (breast) to fall back to sleep. So at night it’s more challenging now and I find myself spending second half of the night co-sleeping again. It’s tiring but I do get to nap with them. Now they still nap twice during the day but shorter in time, about one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Ever since the Wellington trip they started throwing their foods like crazy, everyday I have to clean the floor at least twice…and it’s strange that they do not like banana any more but they continue to have good appetite. The other thing was now they don’t like to be fed, and always insisted on feeding themselves, so the food is usually just all over the places! Since we are going through some major changes with our diet, I did have to add a few more routine foods to their diet. On a typical day, they would eat organic muesli mixed with dried fruits and banana (they get it one way or another :), brewer’s yeast, Sacha Inchi protein powder, and wheat germ; lunch or dinner they eat whatever we eat, in a smaller portion plus one egg and half a avocado each. I also give them omelette made with veggies (zucchini, green leafy vegetables, or kohlrabi) with cheese made with sheep milk. We took out meat and seafood in our diet about a month ago and I started to eat more dairy (for B12 mainly) and eggs but Michael pretty much stays away from dairy still. We are working on finding a good dietitian who can help us with our changes being vegetarians now but it’s been hard. I actually found out the internet still provides a lot more information that we need…for the moment, I am taking iron plus c to make sure I have enough iron and I can pass it on to the boys through the breast milk, they still get breast time at least 5 times a day, which I really enjoy, so are the boys. It’s near the end of the summer, and we did harvest some lovely veggies from the garden despite the horrible weather this year and the meg pies who ate our young tomatoes plus neighbours cat destroying 1/4 of my garden beds, we still had great fun eating what we grew. I also started growing sprouts in the kitchen and it’s really a great way to have fresh wheat grass juice or broccoli and sunflower sprouts for the salad or wraps. It’s amazing that I can harvest them between 3 to 5 days!

A slideshow of the plants I grew since last year, the flowers are calendula, I use them in the salad, my cucumber flowers are blossoming finally can’t wait to see some cucumber, if they don’t get eaten by the birds! We were very lucky with the rockets, peas and broad beans, and garlic chives, potatoes, carrots. Boys enjoyed learning about the plants with a real touch and feel!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This week we completed the BabySign classes, it was really worthwhile, and it’s amazing how quickly boys can pick up the signs, all it takes is once and they remember, they also understand a lot more, they now shake their heads if they don’t want to do something. It is really cute when I breastfeed them, I would ask Lin what his brother is doing, he would do the “milk” sign, then he will do the “sleep” sign. They would also pick up a book and do the signs whenever they see something, like dog, cat, bird… Here is a video I took this morning:

Boys are definitely VERY active now, they ride their trike, building blocks, and run around like crazy, they love going to the mall and looking at people. Lin is in general more timid than Li, he gets scared meeting new people or being in the new environment. They are not really comfortable in the swim lessons, usually it takes them about 15 minutes to warm up but then the classes were about 25 minutes long so we are just encouraging them to enjoy being in the water for now.

I took some videos on March 2nd as well:

New Shoes:

And so much fun at lunch time, notice they were wearing different clothes since I had to change them after they ate!

And in their PJs…


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  1. Michele

    The signing is great!! And, is that Lin worrying that Li may not pick up his bread;)

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