Boys are fascinated by shoes and socks, bikes and now they are really crazy about their helmets, they wear them eating, drinking, playing and sleeping, they take them off 20 times a day and ask you to put it on for them. I already started to worry about them riding motorcycles, the rate they are going I will be very surprised that they would not want to…and that’s every mum’s nightmare of course, even for the coolest mums.

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At this age, boys are so cute and fun…and I would not want to miss out a day spending time with them!  They are growing really fast, and I am glad they are so healthy, they didn’t get sick at all since before Christmas, no fever, no cold, no ear infection, nothing. I am starting to feel more confident with our vegetarian diet, especially after talking to Dr. Gil today over Skype. He’s really the best and I didn’t know he’s been a vegetarian since 1973, all these years we know him. I also felt relieved that the weeks immediately after cutting out meats when I felt tired and weak was normal. It was from the detox the body was going through without digesting meat (cooked meats contain toxins that the body was used to), he suggested that I eat some fish and gradually cut it out but this week I felt great so there’s no need to get back to seafood.

Recently I watched the video David forwarded me “Vitamin C and Antioxidants Therapy” by Dr. Tom Levy, what an excellent presentation and what a shame that this truly miracle supplement has been long suppressed by medical professionals and mainstream media – it could have saved so many lives – I know this from David’s personal experience and almost identical story of the New Zealand farmer Allan Smith. But then of course, if Vitamin C is promoted for its rightful place, it will hurt so many people’s businesses so badly…not a good idea for the big pharma particularly. I was really happy to discuss with Dr. Gil about all sorts of other vitamins and minerals – iron, calcium, D3, plus eggs, allergies and protein. Dr. Gil is so knowledgeable and has always been such a great support for us, he really cares about his patients, we feel so privileged to have him help at the right time and it’s amazing that I am still consulting him, there’s simply just no one I can find here who’s nearly as good as he is!

Nutrition has always been an area I am fascinated with, and the more we look into it, the more confusing and controversial it gets, after years I am finally at a place that I feel comfortable and confident, finally had a grasp of understanding the delicate balance of the right amount, the right combination and the way of cooking to optimize the energy we take in. It’s a great feeling knowing that our boys will grow up so much healthier than we are, eating the very high quality food, eliminating the meats, having the right eating habits (frequency, combination, etc.) and I am glad that they still love my milk (with the helmets on of course!). There are some things I want to try, get my yogurt machine back and starting making goat’s milk yogurt, next week I am going to the workshop for winter home gardening class organized by SuperGrans, so we can harvest better food…I’ve been reading on how to choose, prepare foods at their best stage…very interesting, and nothing beats the fresh vegetables from the home garden.




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2 responses to “Helmets

  1. Michele

    What do you do for Omega Fatty Acid 3, a brain and heart necessity? Walnuts?

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