A Whole New Way of Eating

Its a wonderful day starting with eating breakfast with the boys…since I talked to Dr. Gil, I started implementing the plan having the boys eat more vegetables, well their diet is vegetarian but they really don’t like greens, especially the raw greens. However, greens (especially raw leafy greens) have so much vitamins packed in, and supply enough calcium, iron, protein, antioxidants for the body for the day. As Dr. Gil suggested, I offer them raw greens, for now mixed lettuce like rockets, butter crunch, etc., before giving them anything else. They have always thrown them on the floor immediately, but they sure got the message they need to have a bite of it before moving onto something they like better. Last night, I made stir-fried ta choy with garlic, celery with tofu, and vegetarian lasagna with goat cheese and vegetables (celery, carrot, onion, green pepper, pumpkin, cream sauce: goat’s milk feta cheese, mashed potato, wheat flour).  To our surprise, Lin actually loved eating the ta choy, Li didn’t but they both ate the garlic, and loved celery and tofu, what ended up on the floor was the lasagna. I guess eventually they will come around if we insist giving them greens!

It was quite encouraging for us since it was only on Day 3 and they have made such progress already. This morning I decided to try something different, the end result? Boys happily spent an hour in their high chair going through their breakfast and ate them all! Started with rice milk mixed with wheatgrass juice I harvested 2 minutes before the juicing…then maple nut muesli mixed with banana, yogurt, brewer’s yeast, sacha inchi protein powder and wheat germ, after that they shared one piece of toast with mixture of runny egg yolk, cashew butter and a bit of honey (New Zealand honey is the best I’ve ever had, thick and creamy, actually it doesn’t drip from the fork), finally I gave them their favorite kiwis, they each had one green and one gold.  other than the banana and bread everything is organic. Boys were quite happy and still asked for their helmets from time to time…so cute.

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Grapes are in season and I got some from organic living, they are so beautiful, boys will get them later in the day as snacks, along with apple and their avocado. Being vegetarian also means we need to eat more frequently but Michael and I were both saying yesterday how much better our bowel movement have been, and we go at least twice a day (boys go three times a day), we spend much less time in the bathroom now than before and even though it sounds gross, going less than twice a day the body absorbs the toxins from the waste and can cause a lot of health problems. I love our whole new way of eating!


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