Kiwi Encounter

Mount Bruce was only 45 minutes drive and it’s a cute little place to see some wildlife and kiwi birds. The wildlife center has the world’s only pure white Brown Kiwi hatched in an incubator, they are so rare because both parents have to carry the white feather gene. Since Kiwi birds come out at night the place was so dark I didn’t get any picture, they were adorable though very very cute.

The highlight of the day for the boys, however, was a construction site where they played forever with the rocks, they licked them, threw them and grabbed as many as they could. Michael had the idea of having them roam free on their own since the center was very well child proof even at the bridge they had it wrapped completely using wires. We also went watching the keeper feeding the largest fresh water eel on earth, with mice! She actually had the kids pick up the dead mice and threw them in the water, Kiwi parents are very brave, indeed but I love it! We got a host card so we can take paying guests there in the coming year without paying for ourselves.

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I particularly like the 3D film about how Huia went extinct, would have been such a beautiful bird to watch if we didn’t pursue for their pretty feathers and beak.


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