Memories of Brazil

More organizing and more surprises…the fun days travelling without kids, I can’t wait for the boys to grow old enough to go on explorations with us though.

I took this picture when we were in Brazil, an interesting tourist town called Paraty. Paraty somehow retained it’s original flavors of first Portuguese settlers and it was great fun walking around the windy cobblestone streets. We enjoyed a quiet weekend at the Bromelias, a pousada just outside town, also happened to be where Lin and Li were conceived 🙂

A random shot of an old bike on the street, it turned out to be one of my favourite pictures in Brazil, somehow it looks like a painting.


And of course, Foz do Iguacu, no one should miss it if he/she made it all the way to Brazil. Magnificent largest waterfall system in the world, close to 300!!! We walked about an hour from our hotel, the only one inside the national park Hotel das Cataratas, to Devil’s throat. It was a sunny day and we saw rainbows for the entire hour. We didn’t have time to cross over to Argentina but next time we will definitely do that, and can walk on the waterfall from the other side.




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