Fun Day at the Playcentre

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We officially signed up with the Park Rd Playcentre after trying out for three times. I am just amazed at how much Lin and Li had learned and how their behaviors have changed compared to 2 weeks ago. Michael fully enjoyed the Whanau session last Saturday and I am just so glad that my aunt is here to help me watch the boys. Once they are over 2 1/2, things will be so much easier I think but for now we still have to keep an eye one on one at all time.

Boys started off sitting for the longest during the sharing time, we sang quite a few songs and they took off and went into the play kitchen after about 15 minutes. My aunt showed Li how to draw and Li picked it up right away, he and his brother shared the paper and created their very first two pieces of artwork! They also went on the tire swing, they both fell off but it was no big deal, just as when they were infants, they were able to swing themselves, which was lovely. Morning tea the team decided to do a toast and all the kids sat around the table and learned how to prepare their toast. Lin and Li sat there till the end, Li at one point took off with a (real) knife and wasn’t too happy about being pulled back into his seat but Lin sat till the end and still eating when everyone was gone! They had their lentil soup packed with veggies and beans, but they have acquired the new taste of sesame paste, a favorite snack of my childhood, of course with the paint and the sesame paste, at the end of the session they looked like two little monkeys escaped from the zoo.

Here are some videos recording their new adventure!


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