May North Island Tour – Whitianga

Whitianga is an interesting town, it’s not just the tourist town since it’s considered, at least by some, the best place to retire in New Zealand, know that this is a serious claim since New Zealand in general could be the best place to retire on earth. To get to Whitianga, I drove for about 3 hours…and most of the drive was round and round the mountains road, kind of dangerous but very beautiful. We only planned to stay at Whitianga for one night, and the PSA holiday home, it’s a lovely three bedroom apartment, overlooking the water, really beautiful and a great place even for a big family however the heating, like most places in New Zealand, is terrible. This was the coldest night for all of us throughout the whole trip and boys woke up (no kidding) every hour, I was exhausted but in the morning, I was back to my normal self. My aunt watched the boys while I cleaned the whole house, moved the furniture back, and tidied up. It was real hard work but I knew I had to do it well. Since it’s kind of winter season so there’s not much to do, in the morning, I stopped over at the Monk Street Market which is an excellent organic shop and found out the shop owner is Chinese! That was a first, his name is John and we really enjoyed talking to him. Apparently when you buy a section in town, you get a boat slip as well, no wonder a lot of people retire here, Mercury Bay is very calm so no high or low tide, very safe place for the yachts. You can sail right into the Pacific Ocean, and go straight to the US if you want to! A section (a lot just land) here was at one point priced at $700K, now it’s about $500K. Quite interesting to learn about the town this way, and needless to say, I loaded up the car with supply again.

Boys have been coughing for a few days, and I was getting worried, stopped at the pharmacy but was told they can’t give me anything since the boys are under 2.


Monk St Organic Market

The drive to Whitianga

In Hind Sight

Even though a beautiful view is priceless, heat is more important.

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