May North Island Tour – Lake Taupo

May 25th, Friday

We had a really great time in Rotorua and left on Friday morning after boys played some at the McDonald’s, it was a great playland at Fenton St. The drive to Lake Taupo was uneventful. Just before hitting Taupo, we stopped at the Moon Crater but it would require a 45 minute walk so we couldn’t do it with the buggy, across from it there’s the Huka Falls, very pretty sight. Taupo is very busy, lots of traffic, so we didn’t stay for long, the lake is so big, it’s more like the ocean. We all had fun picnicking with the ducks and swans on the beach at Acacia Bay, the two black swans were really aggressive, they hissed at us but never got too close to the boys. Lin and Li had fun playing with my SLR, Lin took about 30 pictures of his feet but some actually came out pretty nice. He would hold up the camera when I asked him to take a picture, sooooo cute.

The drive to Napier was beautiful, hours of green grass, blue sky, flat highways (finally!) and no gas station or shops but just magnificent New Zealand view! We even changed the boys on the grass at a rest stop, even that was beautiful.

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