Weekend in Wellington – Junglerama and Zealandia

Winter is here and we are still heading south, which is colder in New Zealand! Palmerston North is only less than 2 hours drive from Wellington. I got the Grabone coupon for a playland in Wellington called Junglerama so we are all excited to check it out. The weather changes minute from minute, rain, sun, rain and sun, so we were happy we are heading towards an indoor playland. Boys were great in the car (again!) and we spent 3 hours playing there. Junglerama is better than Lollipop, larger in size but more importantly the play areas are separate for different age group. So Lin and Li loved playing in the toddler area for a long time. They loved the slides, the playhouse, the pool of balls, the octopus and of course the cars!

We went to Zealandia afterward, it is really one of our favorite places in Wellington. It was fairly cold, even though Michael and I had the reservation for the night tour we decided to cancel it, since it was really cold with the rain. Luckily at least after lunch at Rata cafe, it stopped raining so we were able to walk around. Boys napped during the walk, for about 1.5 hours. We were able to walk to the upper view point on the dam, saw some beautiful Moho, and Kaka. Zealandia recently has convinced the Council to drop off the proposal to take over Zealandia, so now at least Zealandia is still an independent non-profit organization!

Our accommodation is at City Cottages this time, it’s right off of Cuba St, which is filled with restaurants and cafes! I found four vegetarian restaurants in Wellington and three of them are on Cuba, one is a few blocks away on Courtney Place. So we picked Aunty Mena’s, which is rated #1 on tripadvisor among the four. I had wonton and deep-friend vege balls. My aunt had fish and chips at Seamarket, which wasn’t anything special. We were really happy with the townhouse, it’s a new building with enough heaters so it was comfortable. It was real easy to child proof it too, there’s a switch for washing machine, stove, and the drawer dish washer can be locked so we didn’t have trouble at all letting the boys run around! This time we bought the Go-Crib so there’s no moving furniture around. Michael and I were saying that none of us remembered to bring it for the last trip, it would have been much easier.

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