Li talking up a storm today (June 19th, 2012)

All of a sudden, Li woke up today and started talking like crazy, I meant we all noticed – he was talking to Michael a lot before he went to work, he then was talking to his brother, to himself and to other kids at the playcentre. Then when Michael bathed them, he was talking a lot with his brother in the bath. I took some videos today and I missed some really interesting “conversations”, it is really cute but other than a few words I couldn’t make out what he meant. Any ideas?

They also had a great time at the playcentre, and both fell asleep on the short drive home, and my aunt put them to sleep as soon as we arrived home for a 2 hour nap. They explored a lot today as usual, and enjoyed the new “car”, playing with water, I am SO glad that I got them overalls over the weekend otherwise they would be completely soaked again! They also painted a bit, not sure what the pattern is but I am not going to over think and get frustrated about it – it’s what they do at their age, and try and do whatever! Lin also enjoyed watching the delivery truck and waved at the driver. They are still not good at morning tea, just couldn’t sit still, and made a mess at the table (thankfully they didn’t get on the table!). I know it will take time for them to learn how to behave since all the other kids are good, at least after being there for a while. Lin and Li have made some progress at sharing time, and learned tremendous new skills especially in their physical activities in the first term.

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