Weekend in Wellington – Te Papa

The City Cottages owner has an insider guide to the local restaurants and cafe:

Best Fine Dining: Logan Brown, Cuba St

Best Dining A Deux: Martin Bosley’s, Oriental Parade
Best Seafood: Ortega Fish Shack and Bar, Majoribanks St
Best Place to See and to be Seen: Floriditas, Cuba St
Best Wine Bar: Arbitrageur, Featherston St
Best BOHO CAFaacE: Fidel’s, Cuba St
Best Suburb Dining: Miramar
Best Tapas: Havana Bar, Wigan St
Best Late Night Feed: Duke Carvell’s Swan Lane
Best Family Friendly Spot: Grand Century, Tory St
Best Cheap Eats: KK Malaysian, Ghuznee St
Best Fish and Chips: Bays Takeaways, Island Bay
Best Patisserie: La Patissere de Marie et Nico, Miramar
Best Sushi: Shinobi Sushi Bar, Vivian St
Best Roti Canai: Roti Pratha, Kelburn
Best Masala Dosa: Rasa, Cuba St
Best Tacos: Viva Mexico, Left Bank, Cuba St
Best Market: City Market
Best All-Round Food Store: Moore Wilsons, College St
Best Place to Get hard-to-find ingredients: on Trays Emporium Petone
Best Asian Store: Yans Supermarket, Hopper St
Best Indian Store: Discount House, Newtown
Best Traditional Greengrocer: Miramar Fruit Supply
Best shop for unusual vegetables: Commonsense Organics, City and Kilbirnie
Best Delicatessen: La Bella Itaia
I can see why City Cottages is a popular bach, the location is really great, with a designated parking space, you can save the trouble finding a spot. Wellington is very hilly, streets are small, kind of reminds me of San Fran. Even though its the coolest little capital, it’s still too big of a city for us. We took the kids to Floriditas, a nice cafe just a block away, they gave us a high chair that we’ve never seen before. They are two seats that can be attached to the table, boys’ feet hang off them so they are very secure, what a great Kiwi invention (again)! It supports to up to 16.8kg, our boys are 14kg so it’s kind of late to think about buying them unless I can find one cheap enough on TradeMe. This portable high chair is called Metoo made by Phil&Teds.
Boys loved the Keep Cup we bought yesterday at Zealandia, the cups are made to conserve the usage of paper cups and a lot of retailers do promotions to give discount to Keep Cup owners for coffees, etc. They are really fun for the boys too, they loved playing, drinking with it. They loved the foam on top of the coffee or chai so we ended up ordering a fluffy soy milk just for them! Breakfast was great and we were all happy that we survived with the twins in a restaurant. We then walked around a bit all the way to Wakefield St and headed back to the house to check out. Boys fell asleep in the push chair and didn’t wake up until we were ready to put them in the car. We parked at Te Papa and took the kids to 2 different play area at Te Papa (national museum). June 7~July 1 is Matariki, Maori New Year so there’re a lot of kids around, there’s probably an even at TSB Arena but we were all occupied at Te Papa, the Inspiration Discovery Centre is the best, boys loved it there. Before heading home, we walked to the Cable Car Station, although we were all tired so decided to visit the Garden another time, I did get to make a stop at Commonsense Organics, finding that the vegetables are even more expensive than Palmerston North but I bought 15 bags of Little Bird Macaroon. Boys were good again on the way back, but about 10 minutes before we arrived, Lin started crying, later on we discovered that he has pooped his pants, poor thing!

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