Funny about Lin and Li

Lin and Li will be 2 years old tomorrow, and I can’t tell you how many times I laugh everyday now, well there are also moments I get frustrated. However, they do so many cute things and it makes their fuss time so unimportant.

At dinner, Li was feeding me the rice, and instead of sending the spoon in my mouth, it ended up on my face. Lin came over, got the rice off my cheek and fed it to Michael – talking about a loving sharing family!

Boys were playing with a small empty container of travel size shampoo, and they got hold of a mini ranch that came with their scooter, Li saw the hole in the ranch and started blowing his imaginary bubbles.

We were leaving Bunnings, Lin saw the rising moon, clapping his hand and shouting “bubble, bubble”!

Got them a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse storybook, Lin pointed at Goofy and said, “baba” (Dad in Chinese), Michael said “No!”. Lin insisted, “baba”, Michael said, “No!” This went on for about 10 times, and Michael gave up fighting for his reputation.

At bedtime, I asked Lin if he wanted to sleep, he said “No”, loud and clear. I asked him if he wanted milk, “No!” he said. I let Li get on my breast, Lin cried, “No!”. I said okay, he cried harder and buried his head in the pillow. I realized that he didn’t quite understand what “no” means every single time, just it sounds wonderful to him all the time. So I let him have his milk, he went to sleep in a minute.


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