Happy 2nd Birthday, Lin and Li!

Portraits by Greg Wilson, June 30th, 2012

How fast does time go? Too fast! Boys woke up this morning, all happy and it’s a pretty cold day, we decided to take them for a swim at Lido. It was really fun but boys were so active it was difficult to keep them in the toddler’s pool, they kept running around and checking on the water aerobics, the old ladies thought they were so cute but I got yelled at for taking photos.

They came home and took a three hour nap, difficult for me since they really can’t get off my breast now. So glad my aunt sends them to sleep at night, otherwise it will be too much for my back. Greg came again today since last Saturday Li wanted milk and sleep when he set up everything, glad at least Michael and I got a few good shots. Today they weren’t sleepy but Lin still cried and it was obviously quite difficult for Greg since the boys just couldn’t stay still. I am also pretty happy Peter and Shun Mun took the outdoor session on Sunday, which I think will turn out to be amazing, boys were playing on the Massey grounds and they loved it running around, riding their bike, and watching Rico and Flynn zipping through on their scooters. Michael and I were really happy this whole weekend, we spent a lot of time together alone, laughed, joked as if we were still dating, it was amazing.

Nothing special for their birthday but the photography sessions are always fun. It’s quite challenging compare to last year now that they can run around and don’t want to be told what to do. Lin has grown into a loving brother, he always gets food and gives it to Li, somehow he knows he’s a minute older! He’s straightforward, loud, and hates to be pulled away from things he wants to do (so we always try not to). He likes cars, doesn’t eat as much as Li. Li has always been a bit more sensitive, he would march around the house to look for us when we are out, unlike his brother. He tends to keep his things, especially his food, to himself. He eats fast and he eats a lot (and he has more poopy diapers for sure!). Li in genera is more adventurous and less fearful of new things or people. Lin, on the other hand, is a bit more timid and shy. Both of them are fun, active and good to other kids. I have never seen them push or fight over things with others, but they do that now all the time with each other. They are going through the typical two year old phase, when they are going towards completely crazy at cars, even if that means they have to run off on the streets and get them. They have no fear, in their own world, everything is so interesting and they already know everything, there’s no need for mum to grab them so they scream to protest. They do not sit at the table to eat, they play with their food (still!), and enjoy making a mess more than anything! I am not too concerned about some of their problematic behaviors such as throwing stuff, occasional biting, running around while eating, their personality, strong will, almost came with their birth, and they have been pretty consistent, I just love watching them grow everyday.

The best of all, they are each other’s best friend. They can’t go to bed or wake up alone, they look for each other as soon as they are apart, they are each other’s comfort. I am not sure what awaits, terrible 2 (times 2) or terrific 2 (times 2, too)? Certain things have definitely gotten better. They sleep through the night for 11 or 12 hours, they can talk somewhat and communicate more than before. They entertain us all the time with their little surprises. Everyday we go out and play somewhere for 2 or 3 hours, playcentre, Esplanade, Te Manawa, library, Bunnings, etc., to tire them out. Now that the school holiday starts, it’s a bit more difficult to be creative, but they had so much fun just to be outside running around.

So happy with what you have become, Lin and Li. Happy birthday! 

with all of our love, 

Mommy and Daddy


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  1. Nora

    Happy 2nd Birthday Lin and Li! The photos are lovely and you guys look wonderful. Miss you all!

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