Big Boys

Finally remembered to weigh Lin and Li today. I did it before they went into their bath, naked and before dinner. Lin weighed exact 14kg (30.86lbs), and Li 14.1kg (31.08lbs), according to the WHO Growth Charts, they are at 88% and 89% for boys at age of 2. I am happy that being vegetarians (really vegan plus eggs) didn’t affect their growth. They continue to eat a ton, take today for instance, they ate bread with Our Mate spread and cashew butter, kiwi fruit, banana, rice porridge, shared one avocado, each had one egg, pumpkin onion puree, broccoli, plus rice milk and breast milk throughout the day.

I look at the boys and wondered how much they have grown, in size and in maturity. It still amazes me even though being taught the same way. Lin always gives food to Li first then come back and get his, while Li will usually not give his brother anything unless he has had enough of it. And I don’t even tell Lin, half of the time he will hand it over on his own, and Li does the same with quite a bit of persuasion. They definitely have their own traits from the womb.


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  1. michele

    I loved these portraits!! They look so mature.

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