Japan’s Wonders: Caught on Camera

Last night Michael and I watched the documentary Japan’s Tsunami: Caught on Camera. It was unreal, shocking, and heavy. Some of the footage was just so unbelievable, I don’t know how they survived honestly. This brings back the fond memory of our trip to Japan in summer 2009, months before we got pregnant. Michael and I probably will not visit Japan any time soon due to the radiation concerns but some of our experiences there would be remembered forever. Our midnight love hotel stay (which was…fabulous and dramatic), heavenly Kobe beef (although by my standards today it will not be considered good at all), the tranquility of Kyoto, the liveliness of Tokyo…and how can I forget Michael’s picture of eating ice cream with bunch of Japanese school girls (that was his dream come true for sure). I do not know how to express my feelings towards the Japanese who have lost their loved ones in the act of the mighty god of nature. I think I know how they feel based on my limited personal experience but the scale of the tsunami, the devastation beyond imagination that throws people into disbelief, was just too large for anyone to comprehend, I feel that compelling emotions through the lens of the people who were right there.

So this is why I revisitied the beautiful Japan we saw just a few short years ago, it’s hard to believe that was before our boys arrived…

Japan’s Wonders: Caught on Camera

Peace and love, to all who suffered the Great Loss and to all who are strong to rebuild to continue the journey of life. Through great tragedies comes the joy and appreciation of life.


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