Playcentre Mums Play

Our school holiday play date for the mums from the playcentre. Tukta made authentic Thai green curry and the kids all played nicely, 9 of them!  I thought it’s much easier actually to host 3 other moms and the kids since our boys were angels today, they also didn’t mind sharing everything. At one point, there were five kids sitting on the couch waiting for me to turn on the TV, they loved MMC and Special Agent OSO and we loved our peaceful lunch. I really love our house it’s great for entertaining children. Lin and Li fell asleep on the way back from the Adderstone Walkway at 2:30pm, a bit late but they really struggled to stay awake so they wouldn’t miss out anything. With all these beautiful kids, it was not hard at all to capture some great shots today…and I am so happy that the mums in New Zealand are so cool.

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