Busy weekend

Things are for sure quite different after my aunt leaves. Luckily Elaine is willing to help me out taking the boys out for couple of hours a few days a week when we are not going to the Playcentre. I also got approved to have the playcentre pay her to be the support person for our boys, we are indeed lucky to have moved here. The cost for preschool programs are is zero.

Boys were good continuing to sleep through the night after my aunt leaves, Michael now takes them to bed and they seem to be happy. I still breastfeed them about 3 times a day but not  before bedtime. On Saturday they missed their nap because they were having too much fun at Owlcatraz but then they went to sleep at 4:45pm, didn’t wake up until 6:30am on Sunday.

On the other hand, today was pretty tough, it rained all day so I took the boys, picked up Elaine spent about 2 hours at the library. Boys lost interest in the slide, which they absolutely loved before, they were so fascinated by the drinking station, first we were happy to see them mimicking what people were doing, pulling out the cups, catching the water, even throwing the cups in the recycle bin. But as it went on, they started playing with the water, I normally don’t pull them away from what they are playing with but it was getting too messy so I held Lin, he immediately started crying and screaming, it was so loud and sad, everybody was looking at him. I would say that was his first tantrum, and it’s IN PUBLIC! Finally I just had to take him downstairs and finally calmed him down by giving him some green onion crackers. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse, in the afternoon, both of them figured out, at the same time, how to slide open the door to the lounge, which is a restricted area because of all the electronics (and happen to be their favorites: TV, remote controls, iRobot, tablet, cell phones, etc.) that they have been trying tirelessly to break into for months, AND they somehow were able to turn the door knob and open all the doors. As soon as I got into the kitchen or got on the phone, they would be in the lounge. I had to stay with them the whole afternoon until Michael got home. Don’t they just give you new challenges, all the time?

Anyway, the past weekend was really fun and busy, we took the boys to Owlcatraz Nature Park in Shannon, which is 20 minutes away by car. It was really beautiful even though some of the animals are still in captivity, we loved the tour walking around the lagoon and the bush. We let the boys out of the stroller towards the end of the tour which is to get into the owl house, Lin and Li were way too distracted and the owners gave us a rain check to go back another time, in other words, we got kicked out 🙂 But I don’t mind at all taking them back again, they have a nice picnic area with a playground, so boys should enjoy it next time. At their age, they just need to run around and around.

After we got back, Michael was putting them to sleep (turned out they didn’t want to), and I took a drive to do some grocery shopping and joined the Asset Sales protest at the square, it was a pretty decent crowd, peaceful. Got some great shots using my new Samsung Galaxy Note, the screen was awesome, OLED, best I have ever seen on any device. Also enjoyed the photo editor on the phone, it was amazing Android is getting so popular.

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