Peace is back and I feel like taking pictures of what I am cooking today

Yesterday boys played nicely at Lillipop, today at the Warehouse they were good again, Elaine and I were really happy. Boys fell asleep in the short ride home on both days so I was able to eat lunch before they woke up. It was nice, I felt like taking pictures of what I cooked, well everyday I spent about 2 hours making breakfast and lunch, dinner usually is quick stir-fries, light and healthy eats.

These are really interesting cookies, I got the one for the whole family (aka Michael & the boys), and one that’s for breastfeeding mums (that’s for myself), they also have one for the pregnant mums. The one I am eating has fenugreek and fennel seeds. They are vegan and delicious. 

For breakfast, I added these sticky rice hearts for my comfort stew with azuki beans, barley and dates, a traditional Chinese dessert, but I didn’t use sugar (that’s what the dates are for!), forgot to take a picture of the stew though

Afternoon snack, vegan chili con carne pie, loaded with organic ingredients, the extra dough was used for raisin balls, perfect for the little ones

A quick stir-fry veggie plate has become a regular item on our everyday dinner menu, whatever I can find in the kitchen, tonight it was tofu, broccoli and carrots, with a bit of vegetarian oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil

Brussel sprouts are not the easiest thing to cook, but it can be delicious. I used the Sichuan cooking for cabbage on this guy (they are in the same family anyway). Cut them in quarters, soak and wash with salt water to disinfect and quick fry with garlic, olive oil, dried chilli (seeds taken out), Sichuan pepper corn, vinegar and soy sauce. So good!!!


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One response to “Peace is back and I feel like taking pictures of what I am cooking today

  1. elaine

    ~~!! all looks so yummy!! I want to have a bite!!

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