Tantrum SOS

July 15th was my Black Monday! It rained all day and I started with Elaine this week to take the boys out to different places, I picked the library because the walkway leading to it from the garage at Harvey Norman would kept us dry. It turned out Lin and Li totally lost interest in playing with the slides on the second floor, shortly after we got there, they headed straight to the drinking station. The first 20 minutes was fine they now know that they need to catch the water with a cup and they can serve themselves water. They drank a lot, filled up the cup a lot, and spilled the water a lot. In the end they were pulling cups and throwing them in the rubbish bin. I usually don’t pull them away from the things they are playing with but at some point, it was getting out of control and we were right next to the staff counter. As soon as I picked up Lin he started screaming and crying, he struggled to get out of my arms and stretched his body and hit the back of his head on the floor, which made him cry even more! Thankfully Li was pretty good throughout Lin’s tantrum.

Needless to say, it was kind of embarrassing even for a mom with twins like me who has built up thick skin over the past two years. Lucky me, this was not the end of the story after we got home, both of them worked together and somehow figured out how to open the sliding door (they could do the French door but never noticed the sliding door in the hallway), AND at the same time, they were able to reach the door knob and open every single door! Before I knew both of them were in the tub, in their clothes, jumping up and down and turning on and off the faucet! What a nightmare, I ended up using two containers full of toys to block the living room door from the outside and spent the rest of the day with them making sure they didn’t get into trouble until Michael got home.

So many firsts in a day!


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