It’s all about play

After my aunt left, Elaine has been helping me taking the boys going to places every weekday. We are going to the Park Rd playcentre now on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Boys love going there, they get to play different things all the time, the parents are impressive when it comes to caring for their own children, they become very creative and responsible. We had a new support person there this term, her name is Corallie, she’s lovely and very active, she’s quite good with the children. She has also been doing the morning sharing time, bringing in new ideas. Every week we are making something different for the morning tea, hummus, toast, quesadilla for this week and next week we are planning on making damper, a kiwi thing similar to scone but roasted like marshmallow. I’ve done the rice paper spring roll and inarizushi, people liked them, it’s just really nice being to learn and contribute. I also feel that at playcentre because kids are mixed aged, there’s very little competition, younger kids can learn so much from the older ones and the older kids are like the role models they have that sense of responsibility to care for the little ones.

Boys loved playing with new things, they now are using real tools! Also they love the sand pit, their favorite thing is definitely playing with water, but they get so messy, my best investment are the waterproof overalls and rain jackets, saves so much hassles, they are great. Here is a collection of the videos taken at the playcentre, I love the one Lin eating sand!




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