All About Food

My boys can eat, period. I am not thinking how much they can eat when they become teenagers since they eat more than we do! Their diet is like this more or less, at age of 2.

7am                 breast milk

7:30am          Usually three fruits (banana, apple, kiwi, pear, orange) depending on what’s in season, a piece of bread with nut butter (usually almond or peanut butter) or freshly made blueberry muffins (everyone loves the vegan blueberry muffins so usually a whole batch will be gone by noon among 4 of us)

10:30am        morning tea: one of the main (green vegetables like spinach or broccoli,  vegetable soup like lentil, mixed beans or leek and beetroot, tofu burger mixed in with seeds, onion, bread crumbs, seasoning, LSA), one green vegetable (broccoli, ta choi, or spinach), fruit (tomato, apple or banana)

11:30am         if at playcentre they get their treat, usually a raisin scone

12:30pm        nap

1:30pm           breast milk and continue to sleep

3:30pm          half an avocado each

4:30pm          soy yogurt mixed in with raw salad or greens, beetroot juice, flaxseed oil, Sacha Inchi, cashew nuts, I used to use yeast extract and brewer’s yeast for B12 but Li and I seem to have rashes after taking them so we cut out the yeast instead I am taking B12 supplement and ordering some from Dr. Gil for the boys

5:30pm          breast milk

6:30~7pm     fried rice (buckwheat, brown rice, white rice), or pasta with nut butter, green leafy vegetables (this is when boys usually eat a lot of greens)

7:30~8pm    asleep in bed

I can’t really squeeze more food into their system, there’s simply very little time when they are not eating or sleeping. Ever since we went back to the playcentre at term 3 (late July), they’ve fallen asleep on the short 10-minute ride home, I now just leave them in the car, they usually wake up around 1:30pm crying for milk then I put them on the breast and nap with them till 2:30pm or 3pm. It’s been nice that the boys are sleeping during the day and through the night. Michael and I actually have time to watch How I Met Your Mother, True Blood plus sometimes a movie everyday!

I just can’t tell you how much we love the vegan diet. It’s the not the potato chips and diet coke kind of vegan I am talking about. It’s the very complete, varied foods from each vegetarian food category, and yes kids can be trained to love vegetables and dislike sugar. We haven’t bought sugar in our house for at least 2 years, just in recent month, we started using Stevia, after learning that it’s not an addictive or processed sugar. It’s nice to have it for the topping on the muffin. If Lin or Li is offered a tofu burger and a lollipop, it’s guaranteed they will take the tofu burger and I am really happy about that.

Yet 2 year olds are definitely challenging at the table, they do not like bibs, sometimes food is more like fingerpaint, take yogurt for example, they love to dig in with their hands and feed themselves that way. At a result, mom does a lot of cleaning around the house. Boys also like to take their food and run. After going to the playcentre they’ve improved quite a bit sitting at the table eating, but then there’s always something they are fascinated about. Li had to break the record last Friday, he casually ate his lunch, then the scone, and did not want to leave the table for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I just never know what’s going to happen at the table.

It hasn’t been easy to find the right supplier, I went with Chantal Organics last week and ordered their organic vege box, it’s huge packed with varieties of organic fruits and vegetables. I am quite happy with them, it’s a better option than the co-op, price wise and we don’t have to pick it up. They drop them off at the front door before 8am in the morning so Wednesday is like harvest day, quite fun to sort things out and get organized. Combined with Organic Living, we are quite happy with getting a good varieties of produce now.

There were a lot of trial and error going on in the past few months, the latest experiment was making tofu at home. I didn’t have the proper equipment and calcium chloride or nigari, so I had to use lemon juice, the result wasn’t too good but I was able to make vegan burger with the tofu. It was really delicious, since we eat so much tofu, I think we are going to invest in the press and nigari, so we can have fresh organic tofu at home without paying $5 a block.

Some interesting videos on food:






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