Winter Season of Sickness

It’s been a busy month again, this time it was a bit more difficult than usual. Lin started a fever at the end of last month on August 29th, it lasted about 2 days then his fever went down, Li then started his fever, which was not surprising. A few days later we took them out for a walk and Lin started the fever again, this time it lasted four full days – longest ever! It’s been hard on us, since Michael and I had a cold and at night the boys were waking up from coughing and discomfort, so we spent most of the nights co-sleeping with them, boys especially Lin wanted to be held and nursed all the time.

The season change in Sept is hard, lot of windy days and the temperature fluctuates a lot. There’s also a lot of rain too. For two weeks we stayed at home, boys didn’t have an appetite at all, mostly they survived on breastmilk and kiwi fruits. At 26 months, their weight dropped to about 13.5kg (compared to 14kg at 24 months), I was seriously worried that they aren’t eating enough for the first time, but Li’s appetite improved since yesterday, still with a bit of cough, he’s eating quite well sitting nicely at the playcentre for an hour enjoying his first sorbet and rice puff.

This 2-week long winter/spring cough/cold/fever experience is quite draining. I will have to start my yoga classes again to gain back my strength, other than my arms for holding a 14kg toddler all day long. I thought the only thing we did differently was when Lin was having his first fever, we gave him some panadol, maybe the medicine suppressed it so he got it again after 2 days. But I am happy that they are well again!


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