Almost 27 months and it’s a great age!

Boys will be 27 months old in a week, and the past few weeks have been so wonderful. Lin and Li got their appetite back after getting over the cold, they are eating really well, Elaine watched them last Thursday and fed them a whole plate of chard, they split a can of baked beans and then each had a slice of home-made bread with peanut butter. I am really happy they are eating their vegetables, it seems to work every time when I offer them green vegetables first before anything else. Tonight they each had a plate of purple cabbage and chard, when Li was done, he tried to steal from his brother’s plate, and within seconds, Michael and I watched them clean up their plates with absolutely nothing on it, they they each had 1 and half bowl of fried rice, boy, they can eat 🙂

I’ve been experimenting with making lots of food at home, bread, soy milk, soy yogurt and tofu. It’s really fun and we are able to have delicious bread for example, with organic mixed flour and lots of seeds, and the price is so much cheaper, actually with the bread machine, it’s not time consuming at all. My recent adventure was to get the EasiYo, a yoghurt maker, to make soy yoghurt, that cuts down the cost for a 250g organic soy yoghurt from NZD$3.25 to about $0.60. And boys love them especially when I mix in blueberries and kiwi, it’s amazing they are used to eating the very sour plaine yoghurt without any sugar or honey. They also love the adzuki bean soup that I grew up with, without sugar. I am buying bulk dry goods now from Chantal Organics and it’s great, as well as their bi-weekly vege box. All of a sudden, my boys have grown up a lot, they bring so many laughters, mainly because they can communicate better, and listen better even though they are very destructive but that is the inevitable part of bringing up boys so I can’t complain.

I take Lin and Li to the playcentre on Tuesday , Thursday and Fridays, they are too busy at the sessions to make trouble so this term I actually get to talk to other moms and be more involved now as the C0-social/PR officer and I really enjoy organising events. On the other hand, Michael and Jessie are leaving town so they asked me to run the Palmerston North Veg*n Society, there’s the Oct 1 World Vegetarian Day planting session and the Vegan Hotpot on Sept 27th. These social events keep me happy and make me feel that I am still have some sort of social life. I find it inspiring to learn from other parents, and the support we get from the playcentre is overwhelming. I am happy that there’s a lot lined up for the school holiday. Thanks to the boys, who are the best sleepers ever, I have some extra time during their afternoon nap, which starts around 12:30pm till 3 or 3:30pm. After Michael comes home from work, I cook dinner and serve it around 6:30pm, then he takes the boys for a shower (yes they are showing now and they are great at it, turning on the faucet on and off on their own), then at 7:30pm they go to sleep and won’t wake up until 6am, if they are not sick. Having twins at this age is actually so much easier even though at times Lin throws some tantrum, but it doesn’t bother me too much. He did it last Thursday and Friday at the playcentre, I took him for a walk one day and the other time, I took him for a drive then he fell asleep on the way back, it’s really wonderful other moms are so supportive and they watched Li while I was soothing Lin.

Boys are very curious and creative at this age, they are more independent when it comes to play, they also know when to go into the corner when they get themselves into trouble. I do not like to punish them or say “no” too much to them (at playcentre parents are very discouraged to say no, instead we need to tell them what we want them to do, I find this really helpful). They are also talking a lot, and learning to negotiate, I find it much easier to nicely ask them to do something, than using force, this is especially true with Lin. He does not take forcing well at all, but he is very sweet and generous if you ask him to do something, like giving food to his brother, it is really funny though that he would sit down and whine or cry if he doesn’t get what he wants, I just ignore him and usually after a few minutes he will come around.

We are getting to know more parents as well, every Sunday we meet up with our neighbor, the couple has a son Neil he’s just about a few weeks older than Lin and Li, three of them played so hard over the weekend running around their beautiful yard I wish I brought my camera! I am so happy that we are living here, even though there’s not a huge Chinese population, there are enough Chinese students at Massey, last night we went to the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration organised by the students, had great fun, Michael even got picked out to participate some game, because he was good-looking, they matched him up with a young student, so I think he had a great time 😛 and also I must be too old to be chosen :(. Friday night is our game night too, Arno, Michael’s coworker and Arnt, Michael’s officemate’s younger brother have been coming here for couple of weeks now. I really love playing board games now, the only problem is we usually tend to stay too late, often till 2:30am.

Overall we are very happy with everything, we are able to go out at least once a week, can get plenty of sleep and have a better network of friends. It seems our hardest time is behind us now.


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