27 months old

Boys turned 27 months old on Oct 2nd. They weighed 14.5kg each, about 32 lbs, very heavy, thanks to their good eating and sleeping. This past month has been really exciting. Lin and Li talked more, now they can say the word “more” while they do the sign. Li likes to say “let’s go”, and they picks up words from different places, “wheel”, ” egg (they say it more like letter I)”, “why”, “where”. They are definitely more active than an average 2-year-old boy. I can take them to Lollipop by myself but definitely not the park yet. Every chance they get, they run and they are so fast I can’t catch them both. They don’t listen too well still.

The biggest challenge is probably Lin being strong-willed. Li is much easier to handle, he doesn’t throw tantrum (yet!!!), but at times he gets quite attached, for example, Elaine came this Thursday and Li could not bear that both of us are leaving, he ran after me when I was leaving couple of times, and I sat with him at his dinner table, while I was talking to him about leaving for a bit, he was heartbroken again. He obviously understood everything I said. Elaine told us later on that Li stood by the door and sobbed for about 20 minutes. Well Lin is a piece of work, he continues to throw tantrums, but I read an article about parenting strong-willed children, and I found it easier to deal with if I try to diffuse the situation, and just hold him for a while when he’s upset, he usually gets better. Thankfully his tantrum doesn’t last too long, even though very intense. Children who are strong-willed want to do a lot of things on their own and they don’t like losing that control. So trying to discipline them the same way is not going to work. I learned to offer him choices, and it worked really well. For instance, when he refused to put on this shoes when we get to the playcentre, I will take out  2 pairs of shoes, he will choose one pair and let me put it on. Then I asked him if he wants to stay in the car (and betting on his answers will almost always be a loud “No”), he will be out of the car. If I just try to force him to wear his shoes and pull him out of his car, I will end up with a screaming monster.

They are very sweet boys they smile a lot, kiss a lot, they are curious and excited about so many things. I love their age now, even though at times, I feel that my head is going to explode. I feel so fortunate to be able to watch them grow up, taking lots of pictures and videos, and keeping a good routine for them. Routines are so important to keep everyone happy in the house. For Lin and Li at this stage their routines are:


I now make our own bread everyday, for the time being, it’s the mixed flour (wholemeal and plain), pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame, and raisins. They get the breast milk first thing when they wake up, then fruits: banana, gold kiwi, apple, bread with either almond butter or peanut butter. They eat throughout the day, about every 3 hours. Each has 1/2 avocado, one egg, and main (fried rice, vegetable soup, bean soup or tofu). I also give them the home-made soy yoghurt, mixed in with flaxseed oil and LSA. Dinner usually is organic tofu, and definitely a bowl of dark green vegetables. And they love it, for now either broccoli or chard. They also have breast milk before and after their nap then sometime in the evening. So I breast feed them at least 3 times a day.


They are the best sleepers ever, if they are not sick. Their nap time is around 12:30 to 1pm, and usually for a good 2 hours. At night, usually after dinner, Michael take them for a shower, they would shower themselves now, then straight to the bedroom without seeing me. This way it’s easier for them to go to sleep, they will go to bed between 7 and 7:30pm, and wake up around 7 or 7:30am. When the day light savings hit in early Oct, they actually sleep one more hour, because they went to bed earlier but still wake up the same time so that’s great.


Our boys play a lot, every morning, we take them somewhere. During the school term, they love going to the playcentre, and they are occupied all the time. During school holiday, I take them to Lollipop, or when Michael is with me, we go to Esplanade, or Te Manawa where they have a cool kids’ playroom. They also just love running around and spend their energy. In the afternoon they usually just love playing with each other in the house. I noticed they are not very interested in the toys, but more on real things, they can play with a key by the door for hours, or climbing everywhere (sometimes on the dining table), or picking flowers in the yard (by the way this is a real great example of play). They are really fun to watch! They also get a bit of show time in the morning, in the car or at night, but only for a very short while, when we make the compromise to take care of the household chores but they get absolute 0 commercials.

Things are getting so much easier now with the boys. I feel that we are slowing getting our life back. Michael and I still go out every Thursday evening for a dinner or a quick board game. We continue to host the Friday board game night, having fun with his co-workers, and our friends. We usually stay up pretty late till 1 or 2am, but we have Saturday to recover 🙂 I am organising events for the Palmerston North Veg*n Group . Michael is doing much better dealing with the boys, and enjoying them a lot more. They are really precious.

Language Development

Lin and Li are picking up words very fast, and they start talking in short sentences, which is very encouraging. Being twins they seem to talk to each other all the time, which is the cutest thing although most of the words we can’t quite understand. They can understand both Chinese and English.


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