2.5 years old

Oops, how did I miss writing the blogs for so long? I don’t know. I guess we have just been so busy. Lin and Li are really little people now, they turned 2 and half on Jan 2nd, I did remember to measure their heights, they are at 92.5cm, but because we are moving house (it’s a long long story that deserves a bunch of separate blogs) I couldn’t find my scale so I would assume they are somewhere between 15kg to 16kg probably. 

Terrible Twos are wonderful age for twins. Even though they are stronger and even more active (if you can believe it and image if they eat sugar)! The school holiday is till end of Jan and I have been taking them to the Milson Playcentre. From Feburary Michael will be taking reductions of hours at work and he will be going with us as well. I am really excited. Boys are learning so quickly, they are addicted to their tablets, doing puzzles and games all the time, and they learned to say 公共汽车,even though their Chinese pronunciation is not perfect but they get so excited when they see one, or bicycle or motorcycle. They love to go outside and play so the word “play” becomes one of their favourite words. They have definitely become much more physical, fighting with each other all the time, and now I have to be careful because they can be hurt or I can be hurt quite easily, boys are rough! 

Michael and I took the boys to Wellington over the weekend, it was lovely. We found a great vegetarian restaurant in Lower Hutt after visiting Junglerama (a playland for kids). 519 High St, really delicious food and no need to worry about the parking. The next day we spent quite some time at Te Papa, boys really enjoyed the StoryPlace, it was nicely set up. 

We signed the lease today for the house on Park Rd, Michael and I really excited…finally we found a new and warm house. And most importantly we really like Carmen, she’s organized, responsive and kind. I think this will be really good year for us. 


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