Himatangi Beach

603037_10151379577678890_1176692700_n 379199_10151379577608890_1935822204_n 428044_10151379577773890_42842542_n 397478_10151379577748890_1015012202_n 269583_10151379577403890_1090436437_n 156364_10151379577853890_1035900722_n 149336_10151379577743890_1224297584_nI have to confess, maybe it was because I didn’t grow up near ocean and I’ve always been afraid of water in darkness, beach is not my cup of tea. My best memory of a beach was in Osa Peninsular, Costa Rica, I even stayed overnight right on the beach in a tent, the soothing sound of waves was nice and the view was amazing, walking on the white sand early in the morning, having the ocean on one side (after the sun was out, of course) and the rainforest on the other.

This best beach experience was replaced, now, at Himatangi Beach. I learned from Danielle the other day, that the closest beach from Palmerston North is about 30 minutes away. Keep in mind that the most inland point from the beach in New Zealand is 119.44km (or 74 miles) therefore per New Zealand standards, its pretty far (lol). It was one of those spontaneous moments that I called up Michael right around 5pm and asked if he wanted to go to the beach, he was keen so I packed all the clothing and the boys and went.

Himatagni was not the usual tourist spot, quiet, primitive, no shower stands, just a beach where you can still drive on, and take the dogs, kids, whatever. It was definitely the boys that made the whole time of one hour filled with joy. They were so excited, running wild, testing the water (literally), splashing mud around, picking up rocks and chewing them…and they did the sign language for swim just before bed, still begging!


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