Himatangi Beach AGAIN

Yesterday I was brilliant to leave behind the most important bag, which was packed with everyone’s swimwear, boys’ diapers and towels. So boys got all wet in their day clothes…the car was full of sand and boys went naked all the way home. It was okay though that we kept it quite low maintenance. Today we decided to go again, with proper gear of course! Honestly I don’t think the boys (including Michael) cared a bit.

485992_10151381331723890_2025423695_n 428335_10151381331728890_341668048_n 184760_10151381332258890_1559639555_n 208411_10151381332158890_367814322_n 148383_10151381332373890_145581279_n 23217BE14A2281754C16DABD0C308787_500


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One response to “Himatangi Beach AGAIN

  1. Joe

    Wonderful pictures!

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